Well, I made it

Santiago de Compostello was reached yesterday after one of the most extraordinary and wonderful trips of my life!
Sorry about the lack of posting but when my tablet ran out of charge I was reduced to using the phone.
However I´have full details of the trip on paper and will publish it when I get reliable internet access again.
I ws wandering about S de C today when I got a text. Three former workmates had just arrived after walking the Camino Inglese so we had a great reunion in front of the cathederal! Meeting for dinner this evening.
Slight change in my plans. I am taking the ferry back to Plymouth on 20th May arriving on 21st. That is a week earlier than originaly planned, the Camino del Norte will have to wait for another time.
I will now have a nice peaceful trip out to Finnistere to the end of the world.
Many thanks to everyone for the wonderful support. See you in early June.


2 thoughts on “Well, I made it

  1. Martine says:

    congratulations!! it was a real pleasure meeting you on that first night in France!!!

  2. Felicity Rosalind Cable says:

    Well done, Gerry! I’m looking forward to hearing the full story.

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