La Vendee is flat

Lovely night with Manu and Elo and then hit the road south for the Vendee, Oh, they are planning a trip to Korea this summer and might need to borrow a bed,

Down, through tourist territory, strange fishing machines here, A hut mounted on a tripod in the water supporting a large net on a crane arm,

La Vendee is strange, almost totally flat and only a few cm above sea level,

My plans on spending occasional nights in camp sites do not seem to work, no fixed tents available at this time of the season,

Spent the night in a farm albergue in the village of Bouin, I was the only guest if you dont count the pot bellied pigs

Next day in St Jean de Monts Fredric approaches me to chat about the bike, He takes me home to his beautifully pregnant partner and we had a lovely two hours talking of our cycle trips,

Made the target of Olonne sur Mer that night and found a lovely grotty pub with rooms

Realized Agatha I had 80 m to Sr Rochelle so I cheated and hopped on the train, If I want to make Spain by midweek I will have to do it more,

St Rochelle is a great medieval town with towers, gates and clocks, Loic took me home after we watched the cliff diving in the harbour,,

Pizza, lovely long night sleep on a futon, I am taking the day off to rest and explore,  Watch this space!

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