Catastrophes !!!

When I set off people warned me of the dangers of the road, Now, almost two weeks and 700 km later I can report the following list:

  • One puncture, outside Cork
  • One lens lost from my cycling glasses, replaced in St, Nazaire
  • Broken power lead to my tablet, This is the most annoying, it is not a standard USB plug so it as soon as the last of the charge expires I will be hauling useless electronics around, I am posting from a hosts laptop at the moment but the French keyboard layout is difficult to adjust to
  • Yesterday I dropped the camera and it no longer switches on, Not a huge loss, I still have one on the smartphone but it is not that easy to use, Might buy a cheapo one when I come across them,

As you can see problems are minor, bike is perfect and the body is doing well , Today as a rest day in La Rochelle was most welcome though,

I want to get to Spain and start the Camino proper by mid week, It has taken me a week to cycle across half France  so I will take a few trains to the Spanish border Consider France as an extended training spin!


3 thoughts on “Catastrophes !!!

  1. Frances Callaghan says:

    Hey Pilgrim NEVER EVER put “Catastrophies” a subject line again I read your post in Tramore and was about to call the coast guard.

  2. Sue Callaghan says:

    not so much a catastrophe as annoyances. Glad the body is holding up and the bike. shame about the lead and camera. just buy a new cheapo camera, you know you will use it again.

  3. Joan Hynes says:

    Fantastic Adventure gerry, so glad you are enjoying life after ///

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