La Velodyssee is great ……

That’s when you can find it of course! Monday left Glomel an went to the nearest town to pick it up. Round and about every back alley and bye-road and it’s nowhere to be found. Eventually spotted the sign for the tourist road to Pontivy and said that will do me fine. A few minor hills and then, before I knew it I was there. Stayed in the youth hostel, and, guess what, velodyssee was right at the door!

The usual conversations happen, and old man, well he looked a bit older than me which is not saying much, invited me to visit his commune just outside St-Jean-Pied-de-Port. At breakfast, Claudette, aged in her fifties, told me that her partner had died and that I should give a message to St Jaques when I got there that she was coming. A man was pleased to know that I was Callaghan, as he was Callig. So we spent some time discussing tne only member of the family to have achieved fame, Sunny Jim Callaghan, UK prime minister. Of course he did so ‘good’ a job that it led to 18 years of Conservative rule!

In the morning set off along the banks of the Nantes-Brest canal. This was built during the Napolonic was as a method of circumventing the British blocade. I’d not realised just how massively engineered it was, almost 20m wide, 3m deep and hundreds of km long. It was built by conscript and prisoner labour so there must be a body buried every meter along the way.

Lovely route under the oak trees where I heard my first cuckoo for 2015, I was heading for Redon but, as the day wore on it got hotter and hotter. Eventually with 20 km to go I called it a day and found a B&B in a village. A bit more fancy than I wanted or needed and a bit more pricy too. Still needs must on the road!

Wednesday morning, after a nice breakfast (Yuck, this is getting boring!) bop the last 20 km to Redon wher I discover that it’s 70km to Saint Nazaire. It’s hot and I’m tired so I cheat a bit and take the train. So now I’m in Manu and Elo’s house with shower and broadband, what more can a cycling pilgrim need!

Bicycles are great conversation pieces. While I was waiting for Manu two differnt people fell into conversation with me, I explain what I’m doing and get the same response as I got in Ireland.

Buen Camino everyone!


3 thoughts on “La Velodyssee is great ……

  1. Martine says:

    Hey Gerry, what a wonderful experience you are having. Look forward to more deliberations. It was special to have you as our guest. bon courage. M and R X

  2. Lisballely Lass says:

    Hot or cold, train or bike, lost or en route what you are doing today (and haven’t you a lovely day to do it) certainly beats co-ordinating a European Summit, (but that too has it’s merits after the disasterous drownings this past week). It’s great to read of your shennagians and think on Gerry, after this trip you and Sue will have visitors for the rest of your lives back in Athlone:)
    Tabhair aire,

  3. Felicity Rosalind Cable says:

    If the heat’s getting to you, Gerry, just think of the gale force wind, rain and flurries of snow you’ve left behind. I’ve also been tempted to stow my bike on the bus. Plenty of sun gods, but I don’t know of a heliocentric holy helper. Meanwhile I’m tempted to appeal to St Swithin to desist! Enjoy the next stage.

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