Sunday in Brittany!

After a bumpy trip I arrived in Rostoff and discovered something strange. Everything is shut down ona Sunday, and me without food and a map! A filling station sold me a sandwich but could not sell a map because they were unpriced! In Morlaix I got very lost but a kind young man showed me the way out and even gave me an old map of Brittany he had in his van.

Took a lovely road over the hills to Carhaix. I’d had nothing to eat and was out of water so I ‘bonked’ pretty badly on the way into town. Desperate for some fool and drink, found nothing open at all!

Rhett, my warmshowers host, colected me and brought me hom to his wife Martine. They are a British expat couple who live on the grand tranche of the Nantes-Brest canal. What a welcome! Shower, delicious food and an evening of conversation about everything under the sun. This trip is worthwhile purely for the conversations that happen on the way!

Lovely night’s sleep in Rhett’s man cave, with bikes and excersise machines for company. Followed by lovely porrige for brekfast. This is how to travel!

Now it’s sunny and warm and time to hit the road. Having a great time, great people to meet and just hard enough travel to appreciate them.

Buen Camino everyone






5 thoughts on “Sunday in Brittany!

  1. Lisballely Lass says:

    Welcome to the Mainland Gerry where Sunday is truly recognised as a day of rest!

  2. Judy Buzby says:

    I need a map too… will download one to follow the trip! J.

  3. Frances Callaghan says:

    At breakfast in French hotels etc it is expected that you take a couple of rolls and fill them with meats or cheese to take with you for lunch ! go native !

  4. darrentaylor172192844 says:

    Best of luck Gerry and see in Blighty when you get here.

    All the best
    Darren & family

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