The Camino will provide

There is a saying that the camino will provide and so far it’s been providing in a magnificent way.

Tuesday was the start from Clonmacnoise. If there was any way that i could have hid and remained at home without appearing a fool I would have done it! I managed to wave goodbye to Sue and do a phone interview for Athlone community radio. Nicola from the cycling club came out to take a few photos and I was off.

So far it’s provided, a night with Cistercian monks in Roscrea, greorian chant and conversation with Franceska, a poor Clare nun about Ahmadhi people and the difficulty they have making the Haj.

It’s provided lots of conversations that follow this pattern. “You are doing what? That’s crazy” and immediately after, with real yearning “I wish I was doing it too”.

It’s provided a night in a yurt in the Galtee mountains talking with two of touring cycling’s greats. These were people who cycled with frozen brakes and a damaged tent into Everest basecamp in Nepal!

The camino has provided Jim, who  I’d never met, who cycled into Cork to wish me well, and Anias who lent me her house and broadband even though she was out roller discoing. It’s provided legs that complained a bit the first day but have now settled into a work routine.

Yes, the camino provides, but you can never be sure what it provides. So far it’s been a wonder.


One thought on “The Camino will provide

  1. Judy Buzby says:

    Go Gerry. I am with you with good thoughts.. Stay safe!!

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